Hei! This is Ove Klykken.
I plan, make and fix Web sites.

I work with a team of talented developers and designers at Gaslight Media, a company specializing in web applications for the tourist and hospitality industry (DMO's).

Sometimes I also freelance to businesses and individuals looking for Web sites that work.

After growing up and studying in Norway, I moved across the pond in 1999. I currently reside in the Michigan, where I enjoy the Great Lakes and good friends.

Contact Me

Email: klykken@gmail.com

Twitter: @klykken

My Work

I am a Front End Developer slash Team Lead. I'm able to lead, support and help team members. The first website I made saw its light in 1996, and I've worked with the web professionaly since 2000.

2011 projects:

Some 2010 projects:

Some (many) 2009 projects:

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